Report Finds Correlation Between Multiple GPs and Reduced Shared Patient Information

Patients without a consistent General Practitioner are more likely to experience a lack of information sharing between their health providers, according to a report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

Facts and figures:

People with no usual GP were three times as likely as those who had a usual GP to report that their usual place of care did not seem informed about their most recent specialist visit.

They were also twice as likely to report that their usual place of care did not seem informed about their follow-up needs or medication changes following a visit to the emergency department.

Ask the expert:

Richard Juckes AIHW spokesperson

“The sharing of health information between health professionals and across care settings is an essential component of health-care management and continuity of care.”

 “Having access to complete information about a patient’s health history enables providers to deliver care that is appropriate, current, and meets a patient’s needs.”

The details:

The report is the second in the AIHW’s coordination of health care series.

The first report, Coordination of health care: experiences with GP care among patients aged 45 and over 2016, looked at ongoing relationships between patients and their usual GP or place of care.

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