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The Foundation of Back To The Future star, Michael J. Fox, is leading the way in studying the safety and impact of Honda R&D Americas’ Walking Assist Device in Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients.

  • Here’s the gist: Honda, in partnership with Ohio State University, will undertake clinical trials to evaluate an 8-week intervention with the device for improving mobility in patients. The device is designed for training, the Honda Walking Assist Device is made up of a hip frame, motors and thigh frame.

The Honda device helps to enable more efficient and symmetrical walking patterns for people who have gait deficits due to stroke.

  • Here’s what Honda had to say: “We have a large body of evidence which suggested that the Honda Walking Assist Device safely and effectively improves the mobility of individuals affected by stroke,” lead research engineer, Kenton Williams, said.

I bet you’re wondering how it all works, right? Well rather than reading how it works, click below to SEE how it work!

Honda Walking Assist Device - How it works (Animation)

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