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This week, people in communities and workplaces across Australia joined in on ‘R U OK Day’ events to help raise awareness of suicide prevention, and to potentially reach out to a friend, neighbour or colleague in need.

Each year, Tuesday 10th September, marks World Suicide Prevention Day, and in Australia, R U OK Day. It’s an important occasion to shine a light on what Prime Minister Scott Morrison calls a “curse of suicide on our country”.

Joined by Shadow Minister for Health, Chris Bowen, the Prime Minister spoke at a World Suicide Prevention Day breakfast in Parliament House on Tuesday, reinforcing the bipartisan approach the government and opposition has taken to tackle youth suicide, and suicide more generally.

“It does involve doing everything in our power that we can think of to help Australians who are at risk to come out of the shadow of suicide and to be able to see brighter and better days,” Mr Morrison said.

“To have care and support of family and friends of community of the person sitting next to you on the bus or the train or whatever it is, and to simple be able to extend that hand of support so people know that they are not alone.”

Suicide is the leading cause of death of our young people – accounting for one-third of deaths of Australians aged 15-24. The traffic impacts are event higher in Indigenous communities.

The Prime Minister has made suicide prevention a key issue for his first term, leading a change in the way Australians and Australian governments think about suicide prevention. Recognising that social, financial, legal, family, health and mental health factors may all play their part, the Morrison Government is elevating suicide prevention to a national, whole-of-government priority.

The Prime Minister took to social media to respond to an outpouring of stories and messages

R U OK Day

I’ve been overwhelmed by all the stories people have shared with me in recent days about loved ones they’ve lost to suicide. It breaks my heart. I want to thank those people for opening up and sharing their stories. It’s doubled my resolve as a nation for us to take on this curse. We have a towards zero suicide goal and I believe as Australians we can all work together to achieve it. We can beat this. Do you know someone who may be struggling right now? Or when’s the last time you asked someone you love how they’re doing? Today is R U OK Day. It’s an important opportunity and a reminder for us to reach out and check in on those who need it most.

Posted by Scott Morrison (ScoMo) on Wednesday, 11 September 2019

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