Game Changing 3D Printing Creates Prosthetics Limbs For As Little As $1

The company called Free 3D Hands, with some crowdfunding has been able to send prosthetics limbs to hundreds of children, and adults, for free.

While traditional prosthetic fingers can cost up to $6000. The man who started the now registered charity, Mat Bowtell’s revolutionary “kinetic finger” can be made for 90 cents.

Bionic hands cost just $8 in materials and the charity is currently working on a bionic arm that is stated will be equivalent to a $40,000 arm, which is hoping to be made for between $50 and $100.

Free 3D Hands Mission also releases all designs to the public under open-source licenses. With the aim to decentralise designs and empower communities, encouraging others to develop the ideas and designs further.

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