Logan Hospital to Begin Stage 2 of Redevelopment Plan as Demand Booms

$29.1 million investment will fund an additional floor and a new 32-bed ward, it will also fund a ‘shell space’ that can be fitted out with a further 32 beds in the future.

Stage 2 of the Logan Hospital’s redevelopment plan will build upon the Queensland Government’s previous $281 million commitment of Stage 1 that included 192 extra beds.

Logan Hospital has also received $33.4 million commitment to build an Urgent and Specialist Care Centre at Logan, which will treat people with urgent but not life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

This large amount of investment is in response to the rapidly growing demand for services in the Logan area.

With urgent action required as Queensland Health’s own data showing Logan Hospital was among the worst in the state for waiting times.

Deputy Mayor Trevina Schwarz stated “Logan Hospital is one of the most in-d]emand in Queensland with upwards of 88,000 admissions to the emergency department each year.”

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