Research Reveals Alarming New Measles Trend

New Victorian research into measles cases has shown a number of people who were hospitalised with the disease had been vaccinated at least once in the past, but their immunity had waned over time.

How it works:

Australia has done such a good job at eliminating measles, people who have had only one vaccine aren’t getting a natural immunity boost as the disease isn’t circulating in the community.

While these cases were hospitalised, the symptoms weren’t considered ‘classic measles’ – patients weren’t reporting fever, cough and runny nose, but they did have a rash.

Ask the expert:

Dr Katherine Gibney, an epidemiologist Victorian Department of Health and Human Services

“Normally, if people have documented receiving two doses of the measles vaccine we would be confident they won’t contract measles, but that’s getting greyer – this research has demonstrated some vaccinated people are getting measles.”

“Anyone who is unsure if they have had two doses of measles vaccine should see their doctor about getting an additional dose. In particular, adults born after 1965 might not have received two doses of measles vaccine during their routine childhood immunisation.”

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