World-First Treatment for Viral Conjunctivitis

The treatment aims to reduce the length of infection as well as common signs and symptoms like red eyes and sticky eye discharge.

Why it matters:

Also known as “pink eye” or “flu of the eye”, viral conjunctivitis is usually caused by the adenovirus and can last up to three weeks.

Unlike bacterial conjunctivitis, which responds to antibiotic eye drops, there are currently no treatments available to reduce the signs, symptoms and contagious nature of viral conjunctivitis.

How it works:

The drug OKG-0301 works by reducing the ability of the adenovirus to reproduce itself.

Ask the expert:

 Associate Professor Mei-Ling Tay-Kearney, Principal investigator at the Lions Eye Institute.

“Acute adenoviral conjunctivitis is a highly contagious, widespread disease which frequently reoccurs and causes significant discomfort, and in some cases, permanent damage to a person’s vision.”

“To limit the spread of the infection within the family and the community, patients are typically instructed to avoid work, school or day care so finding new treatments which reduce its impact both on eye health and day-to-day living is important.”

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